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Aged Brighton Township Farmhouse. Photo: Copyright © 2009 Emmanuel Panagiotakis.

Among Brighton Township’s treasured gems are aged farmhouses and antique agricultural tools that harken back to a quieter, less hurried time.

Historical Society


Officers for 2014




Richard Pontillo

(724) 774-8292

Vice President

James E. Equels, Sr.

(724) 495-1116


Madge Nichols



Christ Liebegott

(724) 495-6293

Past President

Arlene Young-Equels

(724) 495-1116




Directors 2011-12-13

Directors 2012-13-14

Directors 2013-14-15

Deb Morgan

Jerry Fisher

Cathy Glenz

Joan High

Russell Glenz

Margorie Gordon


Jim Teapole


Founded in September, 1999, the purpose of the Historical Society is to promote awareness and appreciation of the history and historical sites of Brighton Township. The Society is also attempting to document the contributions of past and present residents of Brighton Township through research, documentation, education and preservation
activities. The establishment of a permanent archives or a museum-historical center is one of the goals of the Society.

Membership is open to any person, corporation, business organization or club interested in the history of Brighton Township. Membership dues are $10 per household. The Society is interested in the donation of any photographs, artifacts, pictures or items of historical interest which relate to Brighton Township to be placed in an archives room which is being planned for a room in the municipal building. The Society has available for viewing videos of interviews of residents who have participated in the oral history project in which they share their memory about a variety of Township events and historical sites.


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2014 General Meetings

At Shultz Lodge, Two Mile Run Park

March 11

Cancelled due to water damage at Shultz Lodge

May 13 (Covered Dish Dinner)

6:00 P.M.

September 9

7:00 P.M.

November 11 (Annual Meeting)

7:00 P.M.